As featured in DC Magazine, The Washingtonian Magazine and the Washington Post — The Jam Cellar is a weekly dance party hot-spots. Held in a posh, historic mansion in Northwest Washington, DC. The Jam Cellar boasts:

We also host special events periodically.

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September 18th, 2017

Tranky Doo and Dont's

The Tranky Doo and Dont's

The Tranky Doo and Don'ts

DO: Join us for one of our most fun solo jazz classes! In our next intermediate series, Dylan and Kate will teach the original Tranky Doo Jazz routine. (
You can see it here, performed by OG crew Al Minns and Leon James.) Solo dancing is a necessary tool for your dance arsenal and we'll only charge you $60 for 4 weeks, including the dances.

DO: Come to our Lindy A if you're brand new to Lindy Hop or want a refresh on the basics of swingout and form. This series will be led by Michael Quisao and Gretchen Midley. Likewise: $60 for 4 weeks, including the dances.

DON'T: Show up late, for your own sake! You don't want to miss any of the goodness. We'll start lessons at 8 p.m. and the music at 9 p.m.

DO: Put next week on your social calendar because we are BRINGING OUT THE VINYL back by popular request.

DON'T: Forget that we always have a FREE drop-in lesson at 8 p.m. for those who just want to know what this swing dance thing is all about. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your family – or don't tell your family, but definitely tell someone about it and share the love.

This Week in Jam:


DJ: Jason Karol Niesz!
Level zero: 6-ct DropIn w. Julia & Jason !
Level One: Lindy A (swingouts) w. Michael & Gretchen, wk 1 !
Level Two: Tranky Doo w. Dylan & Kate Feldman, wk 1!

Sept 26th: Vinyl Night w. Craig Gildner & Suzanne Ducker @ The Jam Cellar.
Sept 30th: Brooks Tegler's Six Miners & a Canary @ The Spanish Ballroom.

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