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September 15th, 2014


John Mortenson DJs Tuesday!

Dancers speak a different language. No, that's not a metaphor for the beautiful communication of momentum and connection. It means that sometimes it's really hard to explain to your co-workers the intensity of being swungover* or how hard you've been working on your swivels. In honor of the struggle, we'd like to introduce another piece of verbiage you can use in 0.7 percent of your vernacular.


əˈbäm(ə)nəbəl/ adjective: Used to describe an event that easily lends itself to lindy-bombing**
"The H street festival is on Saturday. It's totally abombinable. Wanna go?"

Synonyms: awesome, brilliant, instantaneous fun
Antonyms: terrible, why would you even

In case you were wondering, the H Street festival is this Saturday, September 20 and yes, it's abombinable and yes, we're going. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of walking the most endearingly eclectic street in the city, now is the time – live music, tons of food, and all the quirky you could want. Prep for the blessed event as Bobby and Kate close out the last two weeks of our badass jam class on Tuesday. See you then (and Saturday)!

*swungover: the condition of body and mind after an epic dance, usually marked by exhaustion and/or mild depression.
**lindybomb: unsolicited, spontaneous rupture of lindyhopping in a public place.

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Next Beginner Class: Charleston, Begins Oct 7th

Next Inter/Adv Class: Aerials, Begins Sept 30th.

Next Glen Echo dance: TBA, Nov 15th.

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