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January 29th, 2015

An important message to the community

Many of you have probably read or heard that several dancers around the world have come forward over the past week to report instances of sexual assault and rape committed against them by someone who has been an influential teacher and dancer in the Lindy Hop and swing dance community for more than 30 years. He used his position and prestige to assault these women.

It shouldn't need to be said, but this is unacceptable. We offer our support to these women, and to those who have not come forward, as they deal with what was done to them. We, as teachers and organizers, have an obligation to the community to make our events into safe places where everyone can be free from harassment and discrimination of any kind.

We are in the process of putting together a formal code of conduct regarding our policies because we want the Jam Cellar to be a place where everyone can come, make new friends, enjoy great music, and learn and love to dance. The basic principle will be this: "Do not harass anyone, for any reason." On or off the dance floor, if someone tells you (verbally or nonverbally) to stop doing something because it hurts them or because it makes them uncomfortable, stop.

If we find out that you have violated the code of conduct, we will tell you to leave. If we feel it is necessary, we will also tell you that you will not be allowed into any of our other events.

While we encourage you to dance with everyone, you have no obligation to dance with anyone. You have the right to stop dancing at any point and leave the dance floor. If someone hurts you or makes you uncomfortable–again, on or off the dance floor–we encourage you to let one of us know. We will treat the situation seriously and discreetly. We want you to know that we will always, ALWAYS, listen if you have something to tell us.

If you have questions, thoughts, or concerns about anything, we are more than happy to talk because we want to make the Jam Cellar the best it can be.


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